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WAM India SAVECO Division

A-Z Index


CHP - Screenings Compactors CLSW - Sand Washer


DSP - Circular Grit Trap


GRITSEP DS - Grit Classifiers GVB - Sub-vertical Mechanical Bar Screens GVL - Sub-vertical Mechanical Bar Screens
GRITSEP FGC - Fluid Dynamic Grit Classifiers GVF - Sub-vertical Mechanical Fine Bar Screens GVS - Sub-vertical Mechanical Perforated Screens
GRITSEP LCS - Compact Sand Washers


ISP - Sludge Thickeners


PAR - Penstock PTP - Peripheral Traction Clarifiers PVS - Travelling Bridges for Sludge Removal
PTA - Peripheral traction clarifier with sludge suction PVA - Travelling Bridges for Grease and Grit Removal PVV - Travelling Bridges for Sludge Removal
PTC - Central Traction Clarifiers PVD - Travelling Bridges for Grease and Grit Removal


RTV - Internally Fed Rotating Drum Screens


SE - Submersible Agitators SEPCOM Micro-filter MFT - Micro-filter SEPCOM Vertical - Screw Press Separators for Slurries
SEPCOM Bedding - Screw Press Separators for Cow Bedding SEPCOM Oil Horizontal - Screw Press Separators SGR - Externally Fed Drum Screens
SEPCOM Biogas Horizontal - Screw Press Separators SEPCOM Pig Vertical - Screw Press Separators for Slurries SPB - Submersible Chopper Pumps
SEPCOM Cow Horizontal - Screw Press Separators SEPCOM Pulp and Paper Horizontal - Screw Press Separators SPH - Heavy-duty Submersible Chopper Pumps
SEPCOM Horizontal - Screw Press Separators SEPCOM Tapioca Horizontal - Screw Press Separators SPIRAMATIC VSA - Fine Drum Screens


VFA DM - Septage Receiving Stations VSE - Overflow Spillway VWP - Shafted Washer Compactors
VFR - Fine Belt Screens VTR - Step Screens VWP WM - Shafted Washer Compactors
VPH - Vertical Long-Shaft Chopper Pumps with Electric Motor


WASTECOM CLE - Screenings Compaction Units WASTEMASTER GCEV - In-channel Vertical Screw Screen WASTEMASTER TSB 1 - Septage Receiving Stations
WASTECOM CPS - Screw Compactors WASTEMASTER GCPC-GCEC - In-Pipe Screw Screens WASTEMASTER TSB 2-3 - Combined Septage Receiving Stations
WASTEMASTER CT-CTC - Mini Screw Screens WASTEMASTER GCP-GCE - Screw Screens WASTEMASTER TSF 1 - Mechanical Effluent Pre-treatment Plant
WASTEMASTER DSF 2-3 - Aerated Grit Chamber WASTEMASTER GCV - Vertical Screw Screens WASTEMASTER TSF 2-3 - Compact Plants for Mechanical Effluent Pre-treatment
WASTEMASTER FTR - Rotary Drum Screens WASTEMASTER MIT - Waste Water Mini-Treatment Plant
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